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Report and Consolidated and Individual Accounts 2023

Floene's report, consolidated and individual accounts is now available for consultation

The beginning

Hello, Future.
Hello, Floene.

A brand that was born with 175 years of history, designed for the future, ready to conduct the energy transformation of Portugal once again. We innovate to bring the energies of the future to companies, communities and households from the north to the south of the country, through our network that extends more than 13,500km prepared to distribute new renewable gases.

Indústria de Futuro

Roadmap for the Introduction of Renewable Gases in the National Industrial Sector

The Natural Energy of Hydrogen

A turning point for the national energy sector, with a global impact.

The Evolution

Hello, Future.
Hello, Renewable Gases.

We have been evolving throughout our existence, and now we will once again be agents of change and the drivers of another energy transformation. We are also undergoing a profound transformation, now visible in a new brand, and we will once again contribute to the country’s evolution with the introduction of new energies of the future – renewable gases such as hydrogen and biomethane.


The largest gas distribution network in Portugal is now Floene.

We will continue to be a brand covering Portugal from the north to the south, near at hand and present through our 9 regional distribution companies.
A brand with the energy of the land and the spirit of its communities. Our roots will continue to be the trust and security that have always sustained us. With the utmost diligence and the highest standards.

The transformation

Hello, Future.
Hello, Sustainable Communities.

The Growth

Infrastructure that gives structure to the future.

Indicators 2022


consumption points


Distributed volume of gas


km of distribution network



Addressing the future

Partnerships that bring new, more fluid synergies.

European Clean Hydrogen Alliance