PPEC (Consumption Efficiency Promotion Plan) is a programme to support and encourage the implementation of measures to improve energy consumption efficiency in the Residential, Services and Industry and Agriculture sectors. Targeted at network operators, energy suppliers and other entities, the 7th edition of this programme included gas consumption for the first time. 

The project presented by Floene in the scope of PPEC, entitled “Roadmap for the Introduction of Renewable Gases in the Industrial Sector”, was awarded first place in the intangible measures category.

The Roadmap developed by Floene aims to create positive momentum in the industry's adaptation to the transition to renewable gases - with emphasis on hydrogen - including the identification of the sector's needs, provision of technical-scientific content and training courses in order to simplify the transition to more sustainable and efficient solutions. Floene is especially empowered by the knowhow and experience of its nine distribution network operators (ORDs), located from the north to the south of the country, to support the industrial sector in this process.

The Roadmap will promote an increase in energy efficiency, motivated by the use of more efficient equipment and adaptation of consumption, also fostering the reduction of internal spending on the fossil fuels used.

The Floene group also presented another winning project in the PPEC, through its subsidiary Lisboagás, in partnership with Portgás and Sonorgás. These are two tangible measures in the residential sector: the scrapping of energy-inefficient equipment and its replacement with more efficient equipment. These measures will support the purchase of more efficient equipment to replace old equipment, at competitive costs for households, at a time when greater efficiency in gas consumption by households will bring significant environmental and economic gains. The measures serve as a lever to combat energy poverty.

Measures financed under the Plan for Promoting Energy Efficiency in Efficiency in Energy Consumption, approved by ERSE - Energy Services Regulatory Authority.