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The Future of Renewable Gases

About Floene

The Floene Group is the largest gas distribution network operatorin Portugal, through the participation and direct management of 9 Regional Gas Distribution Companies (ORD), present in 106 municipalities all across the country. It is, therefore, responsible for managing the medium and low-pressure gas distribution network, under a public service regime.

With a network mostly built in polyethylene (94%) and with an average age of less than 16 years, Floene has one of the most modern and efficient infrastructures in Europe, which allows it to ensure a completely safe supply and a quality service, complying with all the criteria established by ERSE and the sector-specific legislation.

Floene is also at the forefront of the decarbonisation of energy consumption and the energy transition, as it is prepared for the distribution of renewable gases. The polyethylene network allows the transport of green hydrogen and non-fossil gases such as biomethane. Thus, Floene asserts itself as a relevant player in the transition to a low carbon economy. Its aim is to grow and create value in a sustainable manner and thus contribute to the common good of the communities with the new energies of the future.


Transforming Energy since 1847


We promote sustainable communities.

In existence since 1847, we are here to stay and embrace transformation and the sustainable progress of the communities where we operate.


We bring you new energies with 175 years of experience.

We lead by example and by our ability to bring ever more efficient and cleaner energy solutions.


Being the best partner in the energy transformation

We expand and innovate: to make energy transformation a reality. We foster sustainability: so that we can grow together; and we encourage different ways of doing things - so that we can continue to have a future ahead of us.



We are all one.


We take care of our surroundings.


We imagine and make it happen.

A forward-looking shareholder structure.



Our policies and corporate documents


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Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism Policy

Anti-corruption Policy

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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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