Green Pipeline Project is a pioneer project in our country, which will inject green hydrogen (H2) in the natural gas (NG) network of Seixal, thus taking an important step in the national energy transition plan. 

The about 80 customers, from the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors, included in this project should start receiving the H2/GN mixture by the end of 2022, which will start with an injection of 2% of hydrogen in the natural gas network, and will reach a maximum of 20% in a period of 2 years - estimated duration for the implementation of this pilot project. 

The development of the Green Pipeline Project has allowed, and will continue to allow Floene to acquire direct knowledge about the impact of hydrogen injection on the management of the distribution infrastructure and on consumer burner equipment .

The project will address issues such as the behaviour of materials in the presence of hydrogen, the effectiveness of the mixing process devised by Floene, the determination of the energy resulting from mixing, and the methodology to be used in determining the energy to be billed at each consumption point.

The preparation of the network has been monitored and accompanied in detail by a group of specialists, ensuring that the results of this project can become a reference of good practice, for many others that will certainly occur in the future, both nationally and internationally.

Due to its relevance, innovation, and opportunity in the global objective of the national energy transition plan, Green Pipeline Project counts on the participation of several partners, from engineering to construction, joining the contributions of academia and public and private institutions. 

It should also be noted that the green hydrogen, 100% renewable, is being produced at Seixal Industrial Park, through a partnership with the local company Gestene.

As for the real environmental impact of the project, it is estimated that by reaching 20% of hydrogen in the mixture, Green Pipeline Project will avoid the annual emission of about 60 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere - the equivalent of planting 35,000 trees. 

Benefits of Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is obtained from water by separating the hydrogen atoms from the oxygen atoms through an electrolysis process.

It is one of the most abundant chemical elements on our planet and its nature allows energy to be obtained with advantages for the environment and for the consumer, since its use will not bring any changes in customers' bills.

Its characteristics and production processes make it a clean, safe, highly renewable energy vector, with no carbon emissions into the atmosphere (as it only emits water vapour) and can be distributed through the current gas network.

Learn more about the Green Pipeline Project, the project that will forever mark a turning point in the national energy sector, with impact on a global scale.