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Empresa de Gás do Vale do Tejo, S.A.

Operator for the distribution of natural gas in 20 municipalities of the Alto Alentejo, Centro, and Ribatejo regions.

Emergencies and Breakdowns

800 500 005

24h | Free of charge

Customer service

211 163 871
808 505 152

Business days from 9 AM to 9 PM | Call being placed to the main national landline, call cost defined by the conditions of your service provider [email protected] When contacting us, you must provide your address, VAT number or UIC (Universal Installation Code), which you can find on the gas meter or on an invoice from your supplier.


800 262 000

24h | Free of charge


Apartado 4070 - EC
São Domingos de Benfica
1501-001 Lisboa

Head office

Tagusgás Empresa de Gás do Vale do Tejo, S.A.

Parque de Negócios do Cartaxo EN 114-2 – Lote 26 a 29 2070-046 Cartaxo

Customer Service Centres

We have customer service stores at your disposal to inform you about natural gas and advise you on our services.
We have reopened our customer service centres with no appointment required.
However, if you wish to schedule your visit to our Stores, please contact us through the Customer Service line.

Our in-person services operate according to the distancing rules and protection measures defined by the Health Authority.

Customer Service

Loja do Cidadão / Rua Pedro de Santarém, nº 151 2000-223 Santarém

Business days from 9 AM to 6 PM


For any matter, you can contact us at LGP


Natural Gas Distribution has a number of agents who are contracted service providers. In each previously defined geographical area, these agents carry out work on the gas infrastructure and perform services at consumer locations related to the activities that are the responsibility of Distribution.

Municipalities Supplied






Campo Maior









Ponte de Sor


Salvaterra de Magos



Torres Novas

Vila Nova da Barquinha


Tagusgás – Empresa de Gás do Vale do Tejo, S.A. was established on February 8th 1997. It is a public limited company based in Entroncamento, whose object is the operation under a public service regime of the regional natural gas distribution network, as well as the construction and maintenance of the respective infrastructures in the Tagus Valley region. This public service was initially granted by the Portuguese State to the company in 1998 for a period of 35 years (until 2033), and on 11 April 2008 a new concession contract was signed, changing this period to 40 years (until 2047) with effect from 1 January 2008.

In accordance with sector legislation, the company was also granted, for supplying gas to less than 100,000 customers, a Retail Last Resort Supply license for the supply of natural gas, in the concession area to customers with consumption of less than 10,000 m3/year, who opt to remain within the regulated tariff regime.

Governing Bodies, Shareholders and equity stake

You can consult the Governing Bodies of the General Meeting Board, the Board of Directors, and the Statutory Auditor, as well as the shareholders and respective equity stake, in the company's identification document.