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Sociedade de Distribuição de Gás Natural, S.A.

Operator for the distribution of natural gas in 10 municipalities in southern Portugal.

Emergencies and Breakdowns

800 273 030

24h | Free of charge

Customer service

211 164 439
808 200 347

Business days from 9 AM to 9 PM | Call being placed to the main national landline, call cost defined by the conditions of your service provider [email protected] When contacting us, you must provide your address, VAT number or UIC (Universal Installation Code), which you can find on the gas meter or on an invoice from your supplier.


800 507 512

24h | Free of charge


Apartado 4070 - EC
São Domingos de Benfica
1501-001 Lisboa

Head office

Setgás Sociedade de Distribuição de Gás Natural, S.A.

Avenida Alexandre Herculano, n.º 36 - R/C Dt.º 2900-205 Setúbal

Customer Service Centres

We have customer service stores at your disposal to inform you about natural gas and advise you on our services.
We have reopened our customer service centres with no appointment required.
However, if you wish to schedule your visit to our Stores, please contact us through the Customer Service line.

Our in-person services operate according to the distancing rules and protection measures defined by the Health Authority.

Customer Service

Rua Leite de Faria, n.º 2, Vale Fetal 2820-476 Vale Fetal - Charneca da Caparica

Business days from 9 AM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 5:30 PM


For any matter, you can contact us at LGP


Natural Gas Distribution relies on a number of agents who are contracted as service providers. In each previously defined geographical area, these agents carry out work on the gas infrastructure and perform services at consumer locations related to the activities that are the responsibility of the Distribution.

Municipalities Supplied













Setgás was incorporated on January 26th 1990. It was awarded, through a public tender, the concession for the “Replacement Gas Distribution and Construction of the respective infrastructures”, in the southern region, for a period of 35 years (until 2028) comprising 9 municipalities of the Setúbal district.

In December 1993, the concession contract was signed with the Government, and in April 1994 the contract for the purchase of Natural Gas was signed with Transgás.

From 1994 onwards, works began on the gasification project for the concession area. In September of that year, the construction of the primary and secondary distribution networks began. Still in 1994, the supply of gas started, in the form of propane-air, and in 1997 the first customer (Setúbal Hospital) was supplied with Natural Gas.

The distribution networks have been developed in accordance with the defined master plan, so that all the municipalities are covered, with over 100,000 customers currently enjoying the advantages of Natural Gas.

These works were carried out with reference to the base project, conceived for the entire southern region and whose network architecture not only takes into account industrial development and population growth of the current poles and others that are planned, but also ensures strict compliance  with all construction norms and quality standards essential to this type of infrastructure.

Important dates

January 26th 1990

  • Establishment of the company

December 16th 1993

  • Signing of the concession contract

April 14th 1994

  • NG purchase contract

September 1st 1994

  • Beginning of the construction of the primary network

September 12th 1994

  • Beginning of the construction of the secondary network

September 13th 1994

  • Beginning of the supply of Propane-air gas
  • 1st Customer – Sommer Allibert (P. AutoEuropa)

July 17th 1997

  • Beginning of NG distribution: 1st Customer – Setúbal Hospital

Lisbon, June 3rd 2000

  • NG distribution: 50,000 customers

December 30th 2001

  • Quality System Certification

January 24th 2005

  • Quality System Certification Renewal

April 2005

  • NG distribution: 100,000 Customers

April 7th 2005

  • Environmental System Certification

February 22nd 2006

  • Health and Safety System Certification

Governing Bodies, Shareholders and equity stake

You can consult the Governing Bodies of the General Meeting Board, the Board of Directors, and the Statutory Auditor, as well as the shareholders and respective equity stake, in the company's identification document.