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Sociedade Distribuidora de Gás Natural do Douro, S.A.

Company licensed to operate the natural gas distribution network in 5 hubs in the Douro region

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Customer service

211 164 449
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Business days from 9 AM to 9 PM | Call being placed to the main national landline, call cost defined by the conditions of your service provider [email protected] When contacting us, you must provide your address, VAT number or UIC (Universal Installation Code), which you can find on the gas meter or on an invoice from your supplier.


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24h | Free of charge


Apartado 4070 - EC
São Domingos de Benfica
1501-001 Lisboa

Head office

Duriensegás Sociedade Distribuidora de Gás Natural do Douro, S.A.

Avenida da Europa - Edifício Encostas do Rio - Bloco C – Entrada 7 – 4º piso 5000-557 Vila Real

Customer Service Centres

We have customer service stores at your disposal to inform you about natural gas and advise you on our services.
We have reopened our customer service centres with no appointment required. However, if you wish to schedule your visit to our Stores, please contact us through the Customer Service line.

Our in-person services operate according to the distancing rules and protection measures defined by the Health Authority.

Customer Service

Avenida da Europa - Edifício Encostas do Rio - Bloco C – Entrada 7 – 4º piso 5000-557 Vila Real

Business days from 9 AM to 1 PM and from 2 PM to 5.30 PM


For any matter, you can contact us at LGP


Natural Gas Distribution relies on a number of agents who are contracted as service providers. In each previously defined geographical area, these agents carry out work on the gas infrastructure and perform services at consumer locations related to the activities that are the responsibility of the Distribution.

Municipalities Supplied





Marco de Canavezes

Vila Real


Duriensegás – Sociedade Distribuidora de Gás Natural do Douro, S.A., corporate body no. 504 744 216 , was established on 13/12/99. Its establishment is based on Dispatch no. 17.819/99 (2nd Series of the Official Gazette) from the Minister of Economy, which refers to the need to provide some inland municipalities in the Northeast of the country with a primary energy supply – natural gas – similar to what was happening in the coastal regions of Portugal. The introduction of this new form of energy (for these municipalities) would effectively reduce the asymmetries between these traditionally more disadvantaged areas and the more developed areas of the country.

From this perspective, Decree-Law 8/2000 February 8th made the institutional framework of the natural gas sector more flexible, allowing for the awarding of licenses for distribution and supply to consumption hubs (municipalities), by creating the “license to operate local autonomous natural gas networks”, fed by autonomous gasification units (AGUs).

In turn, Administrative Rule no. 5/2002 of January 4th states that this measure aims to improve the economic and social conditions of the areas supplied, promoting the settlement of population and boosting productive activity and competitiveness. It should also be mentioned that the activity contemplated by these activities is carried out under a public service regime, as a way of guaranteeing customers quality of service, stability of supply and tariff regulation.

It follows from the above that the object of the company is, according to its statutes, “the supply and distribution of natural gas and other piped fuel gases in a public service regime, including the construction and operation of autonomous local distribution networks and the use of such infrastructures and equipment for other compatible uses, as well as the performance of all directly or indirectly related activities”.

The establishment of the Company is published in the Official Gazette: Series III, No. 26 of February 1st 2000, p. 2438 (64), with CAE (activity code) 40 202.

Finally, by order dated July 19th 2002, the Assistant Secretary of State to the Minister for the Economy, Duriensegás was awarded the licence to distribute and supply natural gas to the consumption hubs of Amarante, Bragança, Chaves, Marco de Canaveses and Vila Real.

In 2006, the NG sector saw a complete reformulation of the NG policy through the publication of DL no. 30/2006 of February 15th and DL no. 140/2006 of July 26th. This restructuring was based on the liberalisation of the market for this energy source. Duriensegás will remain in the market as a gas network operator and last resort supplier, given that its customer portfolio is less than 100,000. These activities will be carried out as a public service and on an exclusivity basis. However, supply may be carried out by free traders who will compete with Duriensegás.

Lastly, DL no. 65/2008 of April 9th applied the rights provided for the operators of the natural gas transport and storage networks to entities holding public service licences for local distribution of natural gas, exercised under a public exclusive regime.

Governing Bodies, Shareholders and equity stake

You can consult the Governing Bodies of the General Meeting Board, the Board of Directors, and the Statutory Auditor, as well as the shareholders and respective equity stake, in the company's identification document.